University Of Toronto Admission Requirement.

The University of Toronto is a world top university, with thousands of students from over 100 countries/territories applying and studying every year to earn a degree, master’s, PhD that meets up to the standard and the university has academic records. The University of Toronto is known for its cultural diversity and connecting with its colleagues that come from other parts of the world to study in the university.

The University of Toronto has maintained the top ranking at all levels, the University of Toronto was ranked 18th (time higher education,2020.), 25th in QS- World university ranking(2020), 23th Shanghai Ranking – ARWU, 3rd National Taiwan University Ranking(2020), 17th U.S. News & World Report(2020)

The University of Toronto is known for its academic excellence, the university has provided a learning environment, housing, and the city attract students to come study, there are many facility and incentive university of Toronto has on the ground for their students.

The University of Toronto has made everything easy for applicants, starting from St. George campus to Mississauga, Scarborough campus all have their own personal website. All campuses offer a variety of programs.

The University of Toronto’s admission categories in Computer Science, Humanities, Life Science, Physical and Mathematics, Rotman Commerce, Social Sciences. With more than 300 academic program choices.

Canada is one of the best countries for international students to study and have a quality education, there are many schools that offer a fully funded scholarship that will cover tuition fees, and accomodation. Click here.

Admission Requirement

Candidate must obtain a GPA of 3.0/4.0 maximum to get into the University of Toronto, depending on the program and it is different from someone who is a local student and international student, for master’s program: an appropriate degree is required with a final year average of at least B+ from a recognized university, for Doctoral program: an appropriate master’s degree, with an average of B+ with good research work, some department admit highly qualified candidates directly from a bachelor degree. Get more info on admission requirements. 

Document Required

To begin with, documents required to complete your application: English Proficiency Test scores, two letters of recommendation, transcript. English proficiency test scores it is like a ladder to pursue higher education or job opportunities as it is the major tool for career progression, which is required in most application. Some popular English proficiency test examinations are IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE with many more several exam options. Some countries/regions are exempted from English tests.

For intended students willing to apply to the University of Toronto, the application fee for undergraduates is CAD 180 and the post-graduate fee is CAD 120, Nonrefundable.

Admission into the University of Toronto is based on all the result assessments from the faculty you are applying to, submission of documents or application fees is handled by OAUC. there are numerous scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Toronto, you can read about them here.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines vary by program. Please visit the graduate unit’s website

NOTE: the OAUC will give you more details on the application fee. (Link

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