15 Universities in the US with no application fee

The United States is a country in North America, it has 50 states, and the capital is Washington D.C. with amazing people, almost 85% of the people speak English, the United States has thousands of higher institutions for learning and their education system is one of the best in the world, which lots of countries have tap from the system of education and adopt such system.

Higher education in the United State has brought much recognition and made many institutions prestigious ones and they have invested so much in tertiary education.

The cost of living and studying in Unites states for an international student is quite high in some universities, although they are numerous scholarships available at all levels and also higher institutions offer financial aid to students, in addition, they are many universities in the United States with no application fee, below are few to be mentioned in this article.

Ohio Wesleyan University

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Ohio Wesleyan University was founded in 1842, it is a private liberal arts university in Delaware, Ohio. It has a 63.8% acceptance rate and getting into Ohio Wesleyan University is very selective and difficult, an applicant with a strong academic record has a better chance ahead of others. The university welcomes at least 27% of international students and it is one of the biggest states in the United States.

Almost all the students in Ohio Wesleyan University received financial aid, the university has a special package for outstanding students for the first year, with about $15 million awards grants and scholarships for students annually.
The university offers a series of programs for undergraduate and graduates studies, with majors and minors in Accounting, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Astronomy.

Florida institute of technology

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The university is ranked among the university that offers programs in science, engineering, business, aeronautics, and humanities and communication, it is a private research university situated in Melbourne, Florida.

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With more than 65,000 living alumni from more than 120 countries, with some notable alumni, it is one the best colleges with no application fee. Admission to the Florida Institute of technology admission is very selective, with a 66% acceptance rate with over 3,000 students enrolled.

Grinnell College

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Grinnell College is founded in 1846, it is a private liberal arts college in Grinnell, Iowa. Grinnell College’s ranked among the Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges, with over 1,500 students. Grinnell is one of the most competitive private colleges in the United States.

The most popular majors at Grinnell College include Support Services, Social Sciences, Biological, and Biomedical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences, Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics; and Physical Sciences.
Grinnell colleges required no application fee, and application can be done Online, admission to Grinnell colleges is very selective with a 23.1% acceptance rate and the applicant are required to have good SAT/ACT scores.

Carleton College

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Carleton College has over 2,000 students, the college welcomes internationals from almost 50 countries, it was founded in 1866 in Northfield, Minnesota. It offers 33 majors and 37 minors in mathematics, social science, natural sciences.

Carleton College has about 97% of graduates employed full-time, also received support for internship. Carleton College students receive financial aid annually. Carleton College is among the best Americas colleges.
In addition, Carleton College distributes the sum of $55.8M in financial aid to students annually.

Tulane University

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There are approximately 13,000 students at Tulane University, it is a private research university in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was founded in 1834, it was a public university, it became a private university under Paul Tulane and Josephine Louise Newcomb in 1884.

Tulane University offers a series of undergraduate programs in architecture, engineering, public health, medicine, topical medicine, and many more.

Illinois institute of technology

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Illinois institute of technology has been in existence since 1940, it was formerly known as Lewis Institute and Armour institute of technology to form the Illinois institute of technology. The university is a private research university in Chicago, Illinois.

The IIT is one of the oldest universities in Illinois, it is ranked among the top national universities in the United States. The university offer series of program for undergraduate, graduate degrees, it is known for the majors such as engineering, science, architecture, business, applied technology, and law.

In addition, admission to Illinois institute of technology is very competitive and selective, with about 7,000 students enrolled and it has over 80,000 living alumni around the world, the university has stunning and magnificent buildings

Rhodes College

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Rhodes College is private liberal arts and sciences in Memphis, Tennessee. It has more than 50 majors programs, with approximately 2000 students across all states and around the world. Rhodes College is among the best liberal arts college

Furthermore, Rhode College is a very reputable college that has a focus on providing the best higher education for students, it also grants all students financial aid. The college is very selective and accepts good SAT & ACT scores with a 44.7% acceptance rate.

Reed College

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Reed College was founded in 1908, is a private liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon, Portland is the largest city in the United States. For over 100 years of existence, the college has focused on contributing and providing the best and most valued educational programs in the country.

Reed College has nearly 40 majors, it also offers dual-degree programs in Engineering, visual Arts, Forestry-Environmental sciences which are affiliated with the California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Duke University, Rensselaer Polytechnic institute, Pacific Northwest College of Art.

The Reed college is one the best colleges with no application fee and one of the best small colleges in the United States, with 60% of students receiving financial aid.

Trinity University

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The trinity university is 150 years of its existence and it has a good reputation in higher education, with four campuses across cities, one of the best-valued universities, it is situated in San Antonio, Texas. It has approximately 2,500 students, Trinity University offers more than 100 majors and is known for

The university has a good record, it is among the best colleges & Universities, also one of the best liberal arts colleges, trinity university students mostly participate in undergraduate research and internship and it has a 99% alumni employment rate in Texas.

In addition, Trinity University is a very competitive university to get into, with a 34% acceptance rate, if applicant meet the university requirements for SAT/ACT scores

Kenyon College

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Kenyon College is a private college in Ohio. It was founded in 1824. Kenyon College is a home for about 2000 students with over 150 faculty and staff. Kenyon College has over 50 majors and minors, it is one of the best colleges with No Application Fees in America.

Kenyon college is among one of the colleges that offer the best undergraduate programs, to get into the college comes with the college admission criteria and it is one of the competitive colleges with a 34% acceptance rate. Kenyon College is ranked one of the best national liberal arts colleges.

 At Kenyon College, undergraduates are open to receiving financial aid and a scholarship, the tuition and fee at Kenyon College are in the range of $61,000. In addition, talking about campus, it offers students services, including health, safety, and security services and many more to be mentioned.

Lawrence University

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Lawrence University was founded in 1847, it has three campuses. Visual and Performing Arts; Social Sciences; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; English Language and Literature/Letters; and Psychology 

Lawrence University offers a series of programs such as Visual and Performing Arts, social sciences, Biological science, English language/Literature, and many related programs. The university has over 1,200 students.

in addition, Lawrence university is very selective and is highly competitive, with about a 60% acceptance rate. It also provides financial aid for both domestic and international students.

Clark University

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Clark University was founded in 1887 and is a private research university with no application fees, and the university offers over 30 major programs, excluding master’s degree and Ph.D. programs.

The Clark University is situated in Worcester a city in Massachusetts, 97% of Clark university undergraduates are employed after graduation, it also assists students with need-based financial aid, the university over 4,000 students, of which 11% are international. Almost 80% of both undergraduate and graduate students live On-Campus, with different facilities provided for all the students and a good learning environment, students clubs, and organizations

In addition, the university is one of the best valued private universities, it has approximately 40,000 alumni living around the world.

Colby College

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Colby College is a small liberal arts college, a private college situated in Waterville, Maine. The college was founded in 1813, it is one of the best liberal arts colleges and best colleges with no application fee in America. Colby admission is very selective with an acceptance rate of 10%, applicants are expected to have good SAT/ACT scores. Colby College has almost 56 majors and 35 minors, almost half of Colby college students are receiving financial aid.

In addition, Colby College has about 2000 students, the campus is very big and it has a beautiful and learning environment, with almost 100% fresh student’s On-Campus and it is known for its diversity, equity, and student support.

Michigan technological University

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MTU was founded in 1885, Houghton, Michigan. Michigan Technological University is a public research university with Over 50,000 living alumni, also Michigan Technological University provides nearly 90% of the students receive financial aid.

It is one of the valued technological universities in the United State, with over 140-degree programs offered. the university is known for its majors in Engineering, Science, and it has over 6,500 students. It also has about 18 major research centers, with a $77.9M research expenditure.

Michigan technological university is a prestigious university with a rich history, the university is selective when it comes to gaining admission because they focus on good performance, it is required for all applicants to meet up to the requirements.

University of the pacific

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The University of the Pacific is the first chartered university in California. The University of the Pacific is a private university. It has been in existence since 1851, which was formally called the college of the pacific, with campuses located in Sacramento and San Francisco, Stockton California.

It is one of the best value school, it offers a series of programs for both undergraduate and graduate studies, and also focus on some area of specialization such as Business, Management, Marketing, Engineering, health profession, and many more related programs.

I hope that this article on cheapest universities with No Application fee was helpful.

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