Tuition-Free Universities in Canada for International Students 2023

Tuition-free universities in Canada for international students, I will be discussing some tuition-free universities in this article.

Canada has been known to be one of the places with excellent education programs. As such, many international students aspire to study in Canada. Luckily, Canada is one of the countries that offer tuition-free education to domestic and international students alike. This fact has made the number of immigrants triple as they flock to study in Canada.

Canadian Universities are also known for their excellent research that has contributed to the broadening of human knowledge and the world’s advancement. They offer excellent education in these courses; arts, physical and natural sciences, engineering, and business studies. Their degrees are also widely accepted and recognized in all institutions of learning.

This article will list tuition-free universities in Canada you can study.

In Canada, these tuition-free universities are not exactly tuition-free as international and domestic students are required to pay for their administration fees. Nevertheless, you can have a tuition-free education in Canada by applying for fully funded scholarships that will take care of the cost of your education.

These Canadian University scholarships are fully funded by the Canadian government, charity organizations, affluent individuals, and educational institutions that award scholarships each year to serving students. Some of these scholarships are provided by educational institutions through the school you are aspiring for and some by the Canadian universities themselves.

When awarded this scholarship, you will have to keep up with the scholarship requirements to be able to renew your scholarship till you complete your studies. Doing this will help you your complete studies without paying for your education. Most times, you may have to pay for your living expenses and other cost accrued in the course of studying if these scholarships do not cover them. In essence, these scholarships are mainly for tuition fees.

Tuition free Universities in Canada are;

1. Saint Mary’s University

This is the top university in Canada that offers fully funded scholarships to international students who aspire to study in Canada. Saint Mary’s University Formerly Catholic is a public university established in 1802, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is widely known for its quality programs in business and chemistry, training over six thousand students, and has a campus size of 79 acres.  It has four faculties; arts, business, science and graduate studies, and research.

This institution awards eight scholarships yearly to students aspiring to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University. The scholarships are safe and renewable and you can keep them till the end of your program if you continue to meet the requirements. The scholarship is open to new students who have excelled academically and need financial assistance.

2. Concordia University

This is the second-most-rated University in the list of tuition-free universities for International students in Canada. Concordia University is a public university established in 1974 by merging Loyola University and Sir George Williams University, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is one of the largest universities by enrollment with 51, 723 students enrolled to study 400 undergraduate programs and 200 graduate programs and courses. Concordia University has two campuses and seven facilities and uses English as its primary language of instruction.

 It offers a presidential scholarship which comes with a fully funded flight grant and covers not only tuition fees, it includes books, materials, and living expenses; which are renewable for up to four years if the applicant can meet up with the requirements of the scholarship scheme. It is only available to international students who are pursuing a degree in any of the University’s programs. Students eligible for this scholarship are those who show excellent performance in academics, leadership qualities, and research skills.

3. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

This is the third on the list of tuition-free schools in Finland. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is a polytechnic institute of technology established in 1916 located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It offers 110 programs in technology, vocational trades, and businesses. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is Canada’s first publicly funded technological institute. With three other campuses, it offers three baccalaureate degrees, 86 diploma and certificate programs, 27 apprentice programs, and 1100 continuing education.

It allocates $ 5 million yearly for awarding scholarships to international students. Those considered for this scholarship are new students who perform excellently in their academics, are involved in their community, those in financial need, and have merited the award in terms of accomplishments. The scholarship is renewable for four years throughout their education period as long as they meet up with the scholarship requirements.

4. The University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the fourth-rated university offering scholarships to international students. The University of Toronto is a public research university established in 1827 by the royal charter located in Ontario, Canada. It also sponsors the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program which many Canadian Universities are sponsors which offers not just tuition fees but covers living expenses, incidental fees, books, and residential support.

5. University of Calgary

This is also a tuition-free university that offers government-sponsored scholarships and privately funded scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students who aspire to study for a Master’s program. Most of the scholarships are fully financed while some are not. Some are bursaries and other financial aid.

It offers the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) available for graduate students which is renewable for three years.

6. The University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo offers two fully sponsored scholarships for students in Canada- The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholarships and the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS)

7. Carleton University

Carleton University is also one of the tuition-free universities available for students in Canada. It offers foreign admission awards for which only new students enroll for the first time in the university.  It is renewable if you meet the scholarship requirements.

8. York University

York University is one of the prestigious universities in Canada which offers scholarships that are fully sponsored to international students. These scholarships are; the York University Automatic Entrance Awards, the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award, and the International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction. These scholarships are renewable and available only to those who wish to apply for an undergraduate degree at York University.

9. The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of the tuition-free universities which offers three distinguished need and merit-based scholarships through the UBC International Scholarship Program. These scholarships are fully funded me renewable.

I hope that this article on Tuition-free universities was helpful.

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