Quebec Scholarship for International Students

The University of Québec is a system of ten universities founded in 1968 by the Québec government.
Located in Québec City, Canada, the university runs over 300 programs for its over 87,000 students and is a French university that was formed as a result of widespread student protest against the absence of French-language universities.
About the scholarship: The merit scholarship for foreign students was organized by the Québec government to support the internationalization of research activities in Quebec’s higher education institutions, to attract the best foreign researchers and students.

The merit scholarship has three components for university students:

• Doctoral research scholarships
• Postdoctoral scholarships
• Short term research or professional development scholarship
It is intended for preselected foreign students or researchers from all sectors.
• The candidate must not be a Canadian citizen or be apply for permanent residency in Canada
• Must not have received a merit scholarship.
• Double doctoral degree programs are not eligible.
• Scholarship applicants must have previously studied in a French-language university-level institution in Belgium.
Value of the scholarship:
• Doctoral research scholarships: $25,000 per year. The maximum duration for this scholarship award is 3 years, with a possible extension of up to 12 months. In the case of an extension, a monthly allowance of $1000 would then be provided.
• Postdoctoral scholarships: $35000 for a year and is nonrenewable.
Short term research or professional development scholarships:
$3000 per month for a period of up to a quarter of a year (four months).


In this, students pursue full-time studies in a vocational training program leading to one of the following:
• Diploma of vocational studies (DVS)
• Attestation of vocational specialization (AVS)
Priority is given to applicants enrolled in invocations with good job prospects and applicants from leading markets in Asia, the Americas, developing countries that are part of the francophone.
Note that students from France are not eligible for this program.
Value of the scholarship: The merit scholarship for 900-hour programs is valued at $14,000. An extra amount of $1,400 is added for every 100 hours, to a maximum of $26,000 for 1800-hour programs.
Programs of fewer than 100 hours are not eligible.


For this scholarship, students need to pursue a full-time study in a technical training program leading to a diploma of college studies (DCS), and student must be a citizen of a francophone country.

Value of the scholarship

The merit scholarship is valued at $14000 per year, the scholarship recipient must reapply for the scholarship on a yearly basis for 3 years which is the duration of the technical training program.
The scholarship type for all is an exemption from the differential tuition fees paid by all international students and health insurance
Host university: The University of Quebec
Host country: Canada
Host city: Québec city

How to apply;
To apply for the merit scholarship. submit your application, then it is checked to verify that it is complete and up to date where relevant educational institutions pick their choice candidates.
NOTE: All applicants must be preselected by an educational institution.

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