How to Gain Admission with a Low CGPA & Scholarships for International Students

The United States is one of the best study destinations for international students and it has both Private universities, public universities, Private non-profit universities, and there are community colleges and colleges. However, you will be receiving high-quality education from world-renowned institutions.

Over millions of international students choose the US as their study destination every year, the country has over 4,000 higher education institutions, it comprises 50 state and federal capital. The US houses almost all nationalities. As an international student wishing to study in the US, you may be eligible to apply for some form of financial assistance, these can be awarded for sports or academic excellence, as well as to lower-income families. If you cannot gain a scholarship, you may be able to access financial aid.

For more information about what kinds of scholarships and financial aid are available, there are different types of financial aid, the university or college will provide you with more information such as how to apply, and any additional requirements that may be relevant. International students are eligible for some financial aid, some universities offer scholarships that cover tuition, partial funded.

Conditional Admission
Conditional admission may be offered to international students who are academically qualified to be admitted to a university, but who do not meet the minimum English language requirements for full admission.
Unconditional Admission
Unconditional admission is like a final acceptance. This means you are qualified and have met all the requirements of the university.

Admission Requirement

It is advisable to first check and apply to universities and college that accept low CGPA and scholarship, there are many universities and college that offer such for those who has a low CGPA. Most universities and college clearly state it on their official website, so if your CGPA are 3.0 or below then you can apply. Another strategy is to quickly apply for admission as earlier as possible because some of the university or college admission committee might have enough time to assess or review your application, it also increases your chances of getting admitted and getting selected for a scholarship award with a low CGPA.


High school transcript
Personal statement
Test scores
English proficiency
Financial document


Statement of purpose
Recommendation letters
English proficiency
Test scores
Financial statement

Cost of studying in the US

The US is a very popular study destination, The average annual tuition fee for undergraduates is around $30,000 for international students, with a postgraduate degree is around $50,000 annually. Although there is different financial aid to support your education in the US.


Communicate with the program director, and representative to send your transcript and to explain why you had a low CGPA and why you should be considered for admission. However, if you have a High GRE & GMAT score, you can also apply for a new program.

In addition, they are also universities that offer second bachelor’s degrees, and accelerated and fast track programs, if you have a degree, you have an option to get a second degree, an example of a university that offers such is empire state university at Kansas. Kansas state university, Clinton university and Wentworth institute of technology, Nicolas college, the University of Delaware and western Colorado university and many more are to be mentioned.

Universities with high Acceptance Rate

When applying for a program, you should focus on universities with high acceptance, this might help if you meet up all the requirements. The standard CGPA used by most universities in the world is a 4.0 scale, technically, if your CGPA is below 3.0 it is considered low.

Below is the list of Universities and Colleges that has low GPAs for international students.

California state university at LA
North Carolina state university
Berkeley college
Wheaton College graduate school, Illinois
Norfork state university, Virginia
Cleveland University Kansas City
Central Connecticut state university
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Delaware state university
Colorado Christian university
Southern Illinois university
The University of Tennessee
Longwood university
Heston’s college
Louisiana state university
North Carolina central university
Wayne state college
Troy university
San Francisco bay university
Illinois state university
University of Southern Indiana
Morehead state university
Winona state university
Bridgewater state university
Upper Iowa state university
The University of Arkansas at little rock
Nicholls state university
Bradley university

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