Chevening Scholarship for International Students

Chevening scholarship is one of the top scholarship programs in the UK, this scholarship program is open to all students. The Chevening scholarship is funded by Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and partner organizations.

Outstanding young leaders from different countries come to the UK for their master’s degree program, the United Kingdom is one of the best study destinations for international students. There is no such thing as a “typical” Chevening Scholar, but they are searching for the sort of people who have the drive, connections, and influence to offer the leadership and solutions required to build a better future.

These scholarships are completely supported, so you are free to concentrate on reaching your professional objectives and making the most of the experience of a lifetime because flights, lodging, and course costs are all covered. For one year, you will live and study in the UK.

During that time, you will grow professionally and intellectually, network widely, learn about UK culture, and create enduring bonds with the UK. Upon finishing your studies, you will leave the UK with the know-how and contacts required to realize your own original ideas.
The Chevening Scholarship application procedure is difficult and tough. It is advised that you conduct as much study as you can to offer yourself the best chance of success. The most crucial details have been compiled for you here.


Applicants for a Chevening Scholarship must:

• Be a citizen of a nation or territory that is eligible for Chevening.
• For a least two years after your award has finished, go back to your home country.
• before you apply, make sure you meet up all requirements that will allow you to enroll in a postgraduate program at a UK university. According to your subject and university selection, this is normally similar to an upper second-class 2:1 honors degree in the UK, however, it may be different.
• must have a minimum of two years’ worth (2,800 hours) of job experience.
• Apply to three distinct qualified UK university programs, and by July 13, 2023, you must have received an unconditional offer from one of them.

Required Documents

All Chevening applicants must submit their transcripts, letters of recommendation, and one unconditional offer from a UK university. The timeline for the Chevening application contains the due dates for these necessary papers.

Updates and timetables for the choices
At each stage of the selection process, you will get emails with updates regarding the progress of your application. Additionally, you may check your application status online.


Since Chevening Scholarships are fully supported, the following is included in your award:

• Tuition for higher education
• A monthly allowance for travel to and from the UK
• An allowance for arrival
• An allowance for returning home
• The price of one visa application, including travel expenses to activities sponsored by Chevening in the UK

How to Apply

Select three courses: In order to be considered for a Chevening Award, applicants must choose three courses. This implies that if for whatever reason you are not given a place on your initial course selection, you will have backup plans. Take caution when selecting your three courses.

After submitting your application, you won’t be allowed to modify your course preferences unless you are given permission to do so during the interview process. For each of your chosen courses, you must submit a separate application through the institution. To guarantee a spot, apply as soon as you can.

You must get an unconditional offer for one of your desired courses before the deadline listed in our application timeline for your application year in order to be considered for a scholarship.

To maximize your chances of getting accepted into one of these institutions, we advise choosing three courses that are comparable at three separate colleges.

The courses you select must be full-time in order for you to be qualified and must begin in the fall semester (often in September or October), be a master’s class (i.e. not research-focused MRes programs), lead to the completion of a master’s degree, must be situated in the UK.

No courses may be part-time, distance education, a period of fewer than nine months, more than 12 months in length, DPhil or a Ph.D., taught after spending more than a month studying abroad in the UK.

Check out the Eligibility


The selection procedure at Chevening includes references in its entirety. The names of two referees must be included with your application. You must submit two reference letters.

Note: Chevening will not contact your referees.Work experience: Before completing your Chevening application, make sure you satisfy the minimum work experience criteria for the award. Candidates for Chevening Scholarships must have at least two years of professional experience.

You won’t be able to submit your application if you don’t already have the necessary amount of job experience. Work experience of the following kinds are acceptable for Chevening: working full-time, Part-time work, voluntary employment, and Internships, whether paid or unpaid.

Application timeline

After submission, the selection process for Chevening Scholars usually takes at least eight months.
Deadline: The application deadline is November 1, 2022, at 12:00 GMT (midday UK time). You can apply for the Chevening Scholarship.

To ensure you have the best opportunity of getting chosen for an award, we strongly advise you to read this through completely.

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