10 Cheapest Countries to study in Europe for International Students.

1.   Belgium

 Belgium borders Germany, Luxembourg, France and Netherlands. Belgium is one of the peaceful countries in Europe. There are two distinct areas, which is Flanders and Wallonia. The Flanders speaks Dutch, while the Wallonia is the French-speaking dominant. They offer quality education, and most universities are cheap and affordable.

Both private and public higher institutions in Belgium and the good thing about the top higher institutions in Belgium is that they offer series of courses and programs are taught in English and offer low tuition fees. Belgium universities are ranked globally and have one of the best facilities to acquire quality education and experience. In Belgium, you can learn many languages, and there are courses taught in English. 

2. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe. Netherland is home for international students to study and live. There are some notable universities in the Netherlands and are highly ranked.

The Netherlands has over 2,000 programs, and some are taught in English, most Dutch speak English, making it easier for international students. The Netherlands has attracted international students because they offer low tuition fees and low cost of living.

There are lots of scholarship opportunities for international students. Studying in Netherlands will expose you to a lot of opportunities. Some of the world’s biggest multinationals companies in the Netherlands, including Philips, Heineken, KLM, Shell, ING and Unilever.

3.  Norway

Norway is a small country with great resources. Norway is a very safe and peaceful country to live and study. Norwegian universities are among the top universities in the world. The Norwegian school system is divided into elementary school, lower secondary school and upper secondary school. This has attracted international students from Africa, Europe, and Asia and anywhere in the world.  Higher education institutions offer free education. However, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

In addition, several degree programs and courses are taught in English. Non-native-English students will improve their English in their studies in Norway, while native-English students will not get bored. In general, a high level of English in society makes it easy to both study and live in Norway.

Norway is a costly country, and international students should be aware of the cost of living. Studying in Norway offers you the opportunity to learn and study in high-standard technologies and modern facilities.

4.   Denmark

Studying in Denmark as an international student will be very lively; Denmark welcomes many international students from different countries every year. The higher education in Denmark is one of the best; private and public institutions in Denmark award bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral studies.

Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world. Denmark higher institutions have provided the best facilities for you, and the campus areas are amazing with cafes, libraries, social activities in and outside the campus. Danish institutions of higher education offer you a dynamic learning environment. There are various internships to gain valuable work experience, and there are many businesses, industries that can give you the best experience. 

5.   Finland

Finland is a very safe and peaceful country to study in. Finland higher institutions receive more than 40,000 students every year. There are many opportunities in Finland for international students, most Finnish can speak English, and they are very friendly and peaceful.

Finland offers one of the best education. There are free programs, and most universities in Finland offers low tuition fees and most universities in Finland offer scholarships and grant to international students.

Finland higher education institutions offer more than 400 English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). Finnish institutions welcome over 20,000 international students studying in different cities in Finland.

In addition, Finnish higher education institutions have modern learning environments and facilities, lecture in the classrooms and virtual learning.

6.  Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe. The country is very safe, and it is known as a multilingual and multicultural country. There are public and private institutions in Luxembourg, they are very cheap and affordable, and the state government subsidizes them.

Luxembourg universities offer programs that are most likely to be taught in English, French, and German. Luxembourg higher institutions offer extensive programs taught in English. They are highly ranked internationally for the quality of their education and research, and there are scholarships and an internship to help gain experience for both undergraduate and postgraduate.

7.    Spain

If you want to study in Europe, Spain is the best country to go to. France and Portugal bored Spain. Most universities in Spain offer series of courses that can earn you a bachelors, masters and doctorate.

There are both private and public universities in Spain, Spain higher institutions offer quality education which is very cheap and affordable, with a wide range of courses to study. Universities in Spain are ranked high in international rankings.

Spanish Universities welcome a large number of international students. Some notable universities in Spain offer financial aid to their students.

8.    Romania

Romania is a southeastern European country. Romanian Higher Education is known for its rich academic standard. There are benefits to study in Romania higher institutions, and the country has one of the fastest internet, work opportunities and quality of life. Romania higher institutions offer series of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Romania has maintained academic standards over the years, which has helped most higher institutions gain a world ranking and recognition. They offer low tuition fees, and the living expenses are very affordable. You can study in Romania in English, French, German, Romanian or Hungarian.

Romania universities are known for some majors in the fields of engineering, medicine and science.

9.     Austria

Austria is located in the Centre of Europe. Austria is a peaceful country with economic stability. Studying in Austria will expose you to a different life, a big city, rich culture, and a quality educational experience.

Australian higher education offers a series of programs, and there are universities of arts, universities of applied sciences, and it consists of private and public universities.

In Austria, you will find top class universities that welcome all nationalities with more than 400,000 students, with 20% are international students.

10.    Poland

Poland is a country located in central Europe. The Polish university education system has a rich history, and there are colleges and universities, and some of the institutions are ranked globally.

Poland colleges and universities are cheap and affordable, and they also offer scholarships to students through the government and external bodies. The Polish higher education system has been divided into three stages: Bachelor, Master and Doctor.

If you want to study in Europe and are looking for a better country to study, Poland is one of them, Poland welcome thousands of international student every year.

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