Canadian Universities that Accept LOW GPA’S for International Students

Canadian universities that accept that low GPA, in this article I will explain how this is possible.
Canada is a huge and diverse country, home to over 35 million people. Canada is the second largest country in the world. Sharing borders with the USA and Alaska. Canada has two official languages; English and French, there are many Canadian universities that offer courses in English, and some offer in French. The country has some amazing cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Most universities in Canada are somehow expensive for international students, however, most institutions offer different varieties of funding and scholarship options. International students should expect to pay $17,000 per year for an undergraduate degree. A postgraduate degree will cost, on average, around $16,500 per year, with prices ranging up to $50,000 per year for the most expensive courses.

Do well to search the official website of your chosen institution to know more about their requirement, this is for more clarification on the whole admission process and to be able to provide you with more information and assistance.

What is a LOW GPA?

A low GPA is considered to start from 2.99 GPA or lower for undergraduate & graduate school.

What is a LOW GPA on different scales?

There are different GPAs, so when we talk about low GPAs, they can be in any category; 4.0, 4.3, 5.0, and more, this mean that different universities have their grade point system, and some universities don’t even have GPAs, they make use of a percentage.

If you are looking out to apply to some universities, it is advisable to not go for courses that require high academic records and coursework, if you have the requirement there are chances that you will be considered for an offer. Applicants with a low GPA should try to select courses that require self-skills, work experiences and expertise, and other extra-curricular activities.

Courses that are considered a low GPA are numerous, but you need to confirm their admission requirement before applying.

SCALE4.3 Scale4.0 Scale5.0 ScalePercentage
Very Good 4.0 – 4.3
Very Good3.5 – 4.03.5 – 4.04.5 – 5.090% – 100%
Good3.1 – 3.53.1 – 3.53.5 – 4.575% – 90%
Low2.7 – 3.0 2.7 – 3.02.5 – 3.560% – 75%
Very Low1.0 – 2.71.0 – 2.71.5 – 2.550% – 60%

Scholarships: scholarship is a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, it is actually awarded on the basis of academic achievement.

Can you get into Canadian Universities with a Low GPA?

There are more than 300,000 international students choosing to study in Canada each year, these are students from over 100 countries. Canadian institution offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, the duration of your course will depend on your institution of choice.

Canada is the best education destination, to study in Canadian universities, you need to show proof of funds for your study and also another admission requirement, health insurance, and other supporting documents. although tuition fee for international students is very high, so there is numerous financial support for international student.

Yes, you can get admission into any Canadian university if you have all the requirements. Some universities request test scores and work experience and many other criteria. The following are some of the expected requirements to qualify for admission.

  • GRE/GMAT Score
  • Recommendation
  • Experience
  • Extra Curriculum Activities
  • Identity Documents
  • Language Requirement
  • Essays / SOP
  • Academic history
  • Reference letter

What universities accept LOW GPAs?

Canada is the best destination for international students and they have the best universities/colleges in the world. There are many universities that offer admission to applicants who have low GPAs, however, this depends on the course an applicant wants to enroll in, if you have a low GPA, it is advisable to go for courses that will accept your applications.

NOTE: pay attention to programs that already stated the minimum GPA for a program. They might not consider your application, because it is stated already and they will focus on applicants with high GPAs. It is advisable to apply for programs that don’t require a high GPA, students with low GPAs should stay away from engineering, and science.

There are many universities that will accept your application and allow you to do science, engineering, and health science programs, provided you have met up with their admission requirement.

Below are very few Universities that accept low GPAs for international students.

University of Regina
Kings University College
Vancouver Community College
Capilano University
Concordia University of Edmonton
Trent university
The University of British Columbia

I hope that this article on Canadian universities that accept low GPAs was helpful.

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